martedì, novembre 14, 2006

The straw bales army

The Novarese country populate itself with particular inhabitants, big round straw bales that look like an army that goes forward slowly.

I like very much the contrast between the flat horizon of fields and the landscape described by the bales.

L’esercito delle balle di fieno
La campagna Novarese si popola di abitanti particolari, grandi balle di fieno circolari che assomigliano ad un esercito in lenta avanzata.
Adoro il contrasto tra l’orizzonte piatto dei campi ed il paesaggio descritto dalla balle.


Anonymous Anonimo said...

It seems bales are moving leaving their tracks on the ground...wonderful!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

We have these here in Cali as well, but they are not made of hay, but fresh grass. Then they cover the bales in white plastic, and when they're done they look like giant marshmallows. I have some pictures- maybe I'll try and find them to show you. Sometimes they paint faces on them (not sure why) then we have psychotic marshmallows.
Jenny (jsahawkwiz)

5:42 PM  

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