lunedì, gennaio 29, 2007

Monday…at work

This road sign (Roadworks ahead) suggest me a Shakespearean question for you: do we work for living or do we live for working?

Well…sometimes I would like live…!

Lunedì…al lavoro
Questo segnale stradale (Lavori in corso) mi ispira un quesito Shakespeariano da sottoporvi: lavoriamo per vivere o viviamo per lavorare?
Bene…a volte mi piacerebbe vivere…!


Blogger kostas said...

Try to find a job that you love it!Make your hobby,your work and you will have fun and pleasure.

2:29 PM  
Blogger teo mocchi said...

This is the matter!!!My job is my passion, too...and that's why I work and work and work and work...!!!

2:32 PM  

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