domenica, febbraio 11, 2007

Modern Art

This is not an installation by Richard Serra or by Jannis Kounellis; also because this is not an exhibition about Modern Art.

These are iron rods that will reinforce the concrete pillars used for a new flyover

Arte Moderna
Questa non è un installazione né di Richard Serra né di Jannis Kounellis; anche perché questa non è un’esposizione di Arte Moderna.
Si tratta invece dei tondini in ferro che armeranno i pilastri in cemento di un nuovo cavalcavia.


Blogger Kim said...

Nice take! I featured similar columns in one of my Flickr photos recently, grouped with an arching crane. Art is where you see it, even if the artist is unsung and don't consider themselves artists, just construction workers. . .Richard Serra, eat your heart out. . .

11:02 PM  

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